Our sun is a massive power generator. On average, each square meter of the earth receives 1 kW of energy per hour, which is a lot of free energy! This can be difficult to visualize which is why we created the Beacon Solar Project.

The Beacon Solar Project teaches participants about solar power by using it to cook food! Participants are given Solar Cooking Kits which consist of a reflector, clips, a cooking container, plastic “greenhouse” and food ingredients. The participants are taught how to assemble their solar kits, and after the ingredients are placed in the container the cookers are left in the sun for about 20-30 minutes.

While the food cooks a working professional from the sustainable energy industry will discuss today’s energy challenges and explain how solar power can help overcome them. Participants will also get to see some practical applications of solar power like photo-voltaic panels, solar lights and phone chargers!

Once the food is ready, it’s time to eat the food cooked using no electricity, no gas, just the sun!

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