In the UAE, summer temperatures can reach over 50⁰C which means cooling systems, like air conditioners and chiller units, can account for over 80% of a building’s energy consumption. This results in massive energy bills for building owners and large quantities of Carbon Di-Oxide emissions. Beacon Energy Solutions is taking steps to fix this problem by taking on the region’s largest installation of Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners.

A total of 184 units will be installed at a Labor Camp in the UAE to provide crisp cool air for the residents.  Once installed these units will consume only 50% of the energy a conventional AC unit would use. This is due to the unit’s Solar-Tubes which absorb the sun’s heat and create pressure. That extra pressure in the refrigeration circuit reduces the power demand of the A/C compressor.

This will save the camp owner an estimated 200,000 AED annually and eliminate 124,188 kilograms of CO2 emissions per year, based on the 2018 DEWA tariffs and reported figures.

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