When a person complains of chest pain and goes to a doctor, the doctor first advises various tests to be conducted.  The diagnosis throw reasons, among which cholesterol accumulation, blocking blood flow in arteries is usually a reason.

Now let us look at an air conditioning unit or a chiller in a cold store or any compressor.  The oil in the system starts to deposit almost immediately.  These deposits obstruct movement and the compressor has to work harder to move the oil.  This results in more electricity consumption for enabling the compressor to work harder.

Oil fouling occurs in most HVACR systems almost immediately. It is defined as “the accumulation of unwanted oil deposits on the inside of the cooling coil system and other major components restricting and inhibiting proper heat transfer exchange of an HVAC system. . .during the refrigerant compression process, oil migrates from the compressor to the coil system contaminating the metals that transfer heat,“ according to the ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook, 1998, Chapter 6.7. Oil Fouling occurs on the inside of the coils, where technicians don’t have access.

Now for the medicine, is there one?  Yes for Oil Fouling.  There is an injection.  One ounce of this injection for a 1 Ton AC unit has been proven to remove the oil fouling and improves energy efficiency ratio. Guaranteed 5% improvement of EER.

Injection in progress

Injection in progress

Under the Beacon MARS process, we enabled two 5-star hotels to reduce 14% and 22% reduction in electricity consumption and an improved energy efficiency ratio.  This injection is just to be used once in three years and the injection liquid forms a coating on the oil pipe which prevents the oil fouling in the future too. 

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