Gandhi Global Solar Yatra - journey to energy self sufficiency starting with a lamp at a time

During the British Rule of India, the basic necessities like clothing, salt and freedom of expression were curtailed.  People in India were forced to buy imported clothes made in factories from Britain.  Local weavers were left helpless.  Cotton manufacturers were becoming noncompetitive.  From this deep anguish was born “The Swadeshi Movement”.  Make in country.  When the regime came down on the people preventing them to make their own salt, Gandhi led a march on foot to Dandi how famous “Dandi March”.  We could make our own salt.  In his sayings one that rings true “I am one for production by masses rather than mass production”.

Professor Chetan Solanki shared the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra, to bring together the people of the world to realize, power can be produced by clean resources and closer to where it can be used.  This would mean, a sustainable village or block or community if they can be self sufficient in their power needs.

Celebrating the 150th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we are aiming to bring 1 million students together across 100 countries to assemble a Solar Study Lamp

Children play with a mobile phone quite intuitively from early age, why not have skills like assembling a solar lamp and using it imparted to students.

There is 2035, by when the heated planet would no longer be sustainable.  Let us get together and be the Change.  We invite you to become a Solar Angel.  We invite your organization to be a Solar Associate or partner. Details on

This is a march for “Energy Swaraj” meaning “Energy Self Sufficiency”.

Beacon Energy Solutions and Technology is proud to be associated with Gandhi Global Solar Yatra 2019 - a SoULS Initiative

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