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Measure to succeed

Measure to succeed

Sun Dial - Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Sun Dial - Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

A unit of measurement is the basis of Science. 

Many years ago when I first visited Delhi, dad took me to Jantar Mantar.  It has a sun dial.  I was amazed at the way man had created a structure after studying the movement of the sun and managed to map time for his understanding and functioning of day and night for 24 hours.

Energy is at the center

Energy is at the center

Measuring something – anything – brings the item to a ‘finiteness’.  Moves it from abstract to real understanding.  From magic to method.  While spirituality allows you to wonder in joy, Science strips that bare, to steps of reasoning.

One such measurement is energy consumption.  Energy is everything. 

 MARS Process

We at Beacon chose to focus on electricity and water reduction - that which is used by individuals, families, offices, buildings, restaurants, government buildings, Isn’t it time we started to do something about the high bills we are paying to produce electricity and water in the middle east region?.

The MARS process has evolved as a result of constant thinking about a methodology for reduction of consumption to support clean energy production and go towards energy self sufficiency. MARS is a comprehensive and holistic approach to sustainability that is tailor-made for this region. It considers all unique aspects of your building, the people who live in it, and the surrounding environment. MARS stands for Monitoring Audit Retrofit and Solar.

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Thinking Sustainability

Thinking Sustainability

Date: 31 Oct 2018, Dubai UAE


 In the ongoing effort at supporting all those who create awareness about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Beacon Energy Solutions & Technology was represented at the Sustainable Relationship Partners Meet who held their 34th session on 31st October 2018, at the SP Jain University Auditorium in Academic City, Dubai.

The theme for the event was "Discussing 21st Century Challenges and Barriers to Sustainable Development".  

Speaking at the Forum on “Thinking Sustainability”, Sandhya Prakash, Founder and Managing Director of Beacon highlighted the need to ingrain the “Borrow, Use and Return” mentality in all human beings. Sighting simple and practical examples from our need for cooling and hot water, Sandhya emphasized on how we can bring back our sustainable thinking process before  making any choice to fulfill our need.



Following the talk, the panel discussion included Ms. Adrienne Doolan, the CEO of Green Touches; Ms. Aishwarya Joshi, the founder of The Lighthouse Cohort DMCC.. The event was moderated by Ms. Simarna Singh, a UN Youth Ambassador, who is also the founder of SRP - a Cocoveda initiative.

Beacon supported the event, by displaying their Solar Solutions including Solar Lighting and Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner at the networking hall.

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