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Create Clean Power

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Create Clean Power

Putting up a Solar Power Plant on your roof is today possible and viable in the UAE.

The process of putting up a solar panel on the roof seems like a do-it-yourself exercise.  It may be so. 

But a lot of thought on design, selection of panels, choice of sturdy mounting structure, positioning based on the type of the roof, direction of sun and above all approvals from local government authorities is needed. 

Once we have the above ironed out, the procurement process and installation begins. 

The practical challenges of installing a solar power plant become visible when one commences the installation.  Firstly The distance between the panels have to be ideal for cleaning and aesthetics. Secondly, once stringing and cabling is complete on Direct Current side, one need to ensure all DC cables are covered.  Thirdly since the solar power produced is Direct Current and has to be converted to Alternating Current.  we need to choose the right type of inverter.  Fourthly, the inverter is followed by an interface protection panel.  This is to prevent any damage to the solar power plant in future due to any malfunctioning in the grid or reversely to prevent any damage to the gird or to the related equipment.

Then, the final step is to connect the power from home to the grid via a bi-directional meter.  This process could take anywhere between two months to four months by our experience. 

It is clean power.  It is renewable energy.  Sunshine is abundant. Carbon footprint is low. 

There are transmission losses in large scale centralized power plants.  Whereas here, the plant is close to the point of consumption.  The house gets a continuous dose of clean energy and it is something that is doable today in the UAE.

The need to move to a clean source of energy is imperative in today’s world.  The planet is getting warmer and one of these days’ sooner than later the ice-caps in the Arctic will melt.  The oceans are rising.  We need to cap our consumption and become independent power producers using clean energy.

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