Construction Costs: The trend is a reduction in the construction costs associated with green construction as building codes around the world become stricter; the green material supply chain matures, and the technology backing green construction becomes more efficient.

Asset Value: As investors and occupiers become more knowledgeable about and concerned with the environmental impact of their assets, sustainable buildings will have increased marketability.  There is a demonstrated link between the green-features of a building, and its ability attracts tenants and command higher rents and sale prices.

Operating Costs:  Green buildings save you money via reduced energy and water consumption along with lower operating and maintenance costs in the long-term. The energy savings alone exceed any cost premiums associated with their design and construction within a reasonable payback period.

Productivity and Health: The physical characteristics of buildings and indoor environments have the ability to influence resident/worker productivity as well as their health and well-being.

Future Proof: Regulatory authorities constantly introduce building codes which threaten inefficient buildings. Instead of worrying about what’s next, we want you to be ahead of the curve so you can focus on what matters most to you.